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Dr. Abha Mishra, Memorial Neurologist, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.

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Spine-injured rats were walking and climbing again after researchers gave them nerve stimulation and rehab training in a harness. (June 1)

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Activity Timer is a visual representation of the intervals between activities, a timer can be set which resembles half of a traditional clock face, but without the numbers. When the timer finishes it arrives at a photographic representation of the activity. Whoever takes the photo can then set the length of time until the next activity, and do this as many times as they wish throughout the day.

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism – Testimonial Kim McDaniel interviews a mom who is using the CD Autism protocol for her child with autism and having success. Despite her son being non-verbal,…

What to do and what NOT to do in case a you see a person having a seizure attack.

8/24/11 – Quantified Self Conference at the California College of the Arts.

Jenny McCarthy discusses autism and hyperbarics with Ellen on April 14, 2009 OxyHealth Rental Program: Contact O… Preliminary results of the soon to be public Pharmanex ageloc weight loss program are impressive. Participants uni…

Part 2 of Dr. Guobin Hu’s talk “Mitochondrial Budding and Networking”. In this viedo recorded at the 6th International Conference on Structural Analysis of S…

Stem cell therapy for autism treatment in UCTC. Professor Smikodub introduced the method of fetal stem cell therapy on the basis of which autism treatment wa…

This video is a little all over the place. I should have made notes, but meh you get the drift. This is part 1 of two. Liam was diagnosed with Autism Disorde… Sodium dichloroacetate offered by has more than 99% purity. No organic solvents are used during the production. They are curre…

Hi I’m Emerald Robinson. In this “What Is” video we explore cells. Cells are the smallest structural and functional units of all living organisms. All cells …

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The metabolic network is coordinately regulated in response to nutritional status to maintain homeostasis. Perturbed metabolic homeostasis is integral to the…

EBRU ALTAN – 13 milyon YILLIK miosen dönemine ait istridye fosili – ATP – mitokondri.

Courtesy: Mieko Hester-Perez appears on Good Morning America in 2009 to discuss the benefits of marijuana for her son with autism.

Co-Owner Bobbi Barber speaks with Postive Mark, Mark McEwen, explaining what Applied Behavior Center does and the benefits they provide to parents and their children.

Presentation from ASSETS 2008 Conference Due to the profile of strengths and weaknesses indicative of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), technology may play a …

Dr. George Jallo, director of pediatric neurosurgery, focuses on treating children with intradural spinal tumors, brainstem, as well as eloquent brain tumors…

The future of medicine has arrived. Scientists have figured out a way to program the human body to repair itself using advanced cell technology. Watch this video to learn about how this amazing new technology works and why it could change every life in America.

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This talk is an introduction to Autism and the Savant Hypothesis. This presentation focuses on the fascinating connection between music and speech, and how m…