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Read My Child s Got Autism Don t Panic is about what to do and where to start in the early years of an Autism diagnosis It’s about getting some ideas and taking control in a world that has been turned upside down and shaken so that you can’t interact with the most wonderful person your child can be It’s about playing and painting generally yourself and dancing and laughing with your child so that you can be not just furniture to them but Mummy or Daddy It’s about Hope and how to get with some laughs and a lot of shaving cream along the way It’s a book for when you are out of ideas and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start It gives step by step guides to the things that we did to get from a non verbal non interactive isolated screaming forever toddler to a bright chatty intelligent child with friends It isn’t about cures it’s about creating coping systems through play and balance It’s about being your child’s therapist mum friend advocate and not getting burnt out daily
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