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Holly Riley is the parent of a fully recovered autistic child, her son Quinn. Quinn was diagnosed wi [...]
Autism: Discovery Science Explores the Brain of an Autistic Genius [...]
Available on iTunes https://itun.es/gb/BqE9R.c http://theleagueofnerds.co.uk RSS feed http://feeds.f [...]
More videos at http://www.andalusianstories.com This is Social Robot IO, created by an engineer from [...]
"Drowning, according to surveys, has been considered as the top cause of death for kids with Autism [...]
While some believe smartphones and tablets may be turning some of us into screen-staring data drones [...]
KASPAR is a child-sized humanoid robot developed by the Adaptive Systems Research Group at the Unive [...]
Best Price Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Parent's Guide To Understand An Autistic Child - Why Autism S [...]
http://www.WoodlandsNeurofeedback.Net presents: An EEG biofeedback for Autism. This vidoe features F [...]
http://www.FreeDigitalTablets.com Free Tablet Giveaways Get a Free Apple iPad 2 Free Blackberry Play [...]
http://autismpartner.com/Holidays for your Autistic Child Everyone loves the festivity of the holida [...]
http://AutismPartner.com/Autism Spectrum Disorder: Your Beloved Autistic Child's Holiday Celebration [...]
http://AutismPartner.com/Autism Spectrum Disorder: Your Autistic Child's Holiday Present Everyone lo [...]
http://AutismPartner.com/Autism: The Best Holiday Celebration For You And Your Autistic Child Everyo [...]
http://AutismPartner.com/Autism: A New Hope For Development On Your Autistic Child's Behavior Does y [...]
Autistic Teenager communicates with computer. [...]
A new app is giving voice to children and adults with autism or other learning difficulties. The app [...]
Autistic savant, Mary Katherine Day-Petrano, age 6 circa 1964 - in constant motion, blackberries, st [...]
Autistic savant, Mary Katherine Day-Petrano, age 6 circa 1964 - Childhood Autism: wandering (running [...]
NPA personality theory is used to focus on specific heritable traits that are transmitted from paren [...]
Social competence and communicative skills of children with autism spectrum disorders are supported [...]
Pauline describes how Eucaderm's TN25 Live Enzymes transformed her austistic son's life. It's import [...]