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"Tango With Autism" - Google Tango VR [...]
Steve Espinosa of Puzzle Piece won the top prize at the 2015 Autism Speaks Autism Investment Confere [...]
Autism Home Support Services has doubled in size year after year and they know better than anyone th [...]
For all I/O 2012 sessions, go to https://developers.google.com/io/ [...]
Aubrey de Grey has drawn up a roadmap to defeat biological aging. He provocatively proposes that the [...]
Neanderthal Man tells the story of geneticist Svante Pääbo's mission to answer this question, and [...]
Science on Google+ co-hosted a Hangout on Air with Autism Brainstorm to discuss a recent EEG study e [...]
Google+ is optimised for touch - no doubt about that - thus it has all the joyous touch elements peo [...]
Dr. Temple Grandin comes to Google to talk about her book: The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the S [...]
Google Workshop on Quantum Biology Microtubules -- Electric Oscillating Structures in Living Cells P [...]