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Almarai (Arabic: المراعي‎, lit. '"The Pasture"'‎) was established in Riyadh in the Kingdo [...]
28 - "No Cocaine" - Slightly Stoopid Benefit Concert for Autism Tree Project FoundationNeed new shir [...]
Brave Nikki's Story - Project Epilepsy Part 1 [...]
Brave Nikki's Story - Project Epilepsy Part 2 [...]
A short thing made in iMovie for a Freshman Biology class about the evolution of Eukaryotic Cells. [...]
IMI and the EU-AIMS project - paving the way for new treatments for autism [...]
Section 04 Members: Brianna, Alexa, Sydney, Emily Chloroplasts and Mitochondria. [...]
This is my 2012 biology project. [...]
So basically we're screwed, caus we both have kinda tight schedules, and only month to finish the pr [...]
Jillian and Leigh Anne's project on Anaerobic and Aerobic respiration!!! ***I don't own anyyyyy of t [...]
Albion HS, AP Biology class 2014. Cell structure project by Jon Trembly and Aaron Chen " If I were a [...]
Video of mitotic cell division for Mrs. Gampel's Bio uconn class. [...]
Silk Leaf project consists of chloroplasts suspended in a matrix made out of silk protein. Julian Me [...]
This is how cellular respiration works! actually you'll need the story to truly explain what happens [...]
Subscribe for more ;) jk, i don't post dis stuff. This was strictly a school project. and ya, thanks [...]
bio project. [...]
This video is about Mitochondria. It was a project where we were to sell the mitochondria to the cel [...]
For my biology project, not the best but I did it! Go me! Lets goooooooo. [...]