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If you’ve ever found yourself wandering YouTube or Vimeo then you have a pretty good idea that you may be spending more time searching for stuff than enjoying it. You know how it goes… You start by looking up music videos and then click on a related video and another and another. Pretty soon, you’re watching a video about the grooming habits of horses with no idea how you got there. Well, check out WorldRelay – with it you’ll spend more time enjoying content that matters to you.

They’re a new startup that discovers, curates and organizes TV micro-channels, content that’s between studio grade and the noise of YouTube. Their Tuner app makes it easy to find and consume streaming TV and radio, live cameras, and other curated content. WorldRelay focuses on specialty subjects that are not usually available from paid TV providers, like curated, International and hyperlocal. Just to give you an example of their variety of Micro-channels – you’ve got content like Indie Film, European Fashion, Space Travel, Martial Arts, Photography, Wine, and TV and radio from over 35 countries. But beyond just watching, you can even create your own microchannel and share it with your friends or with the world — whether it’s your GoPro videos, your local sports team, or videos of your small business. WorldRelay makes it easy for you to discover, view, and create TV content that matches your interests.

According to their website; “WorldRelayTM discovers and organizes Internet radio, TV, and user-generated VimeoTM, UstreamTM, or SHOUTcastTM streams into microchannels that are easy to access from smart devices and TV remotes. We focus on specialty channels that are not offered by paid TV providers. We curate and stream several public interest channels relating to autism and space exploration. Otherwise, we do not stream or re-stream copyrighted content, but provide hyper-links to the providers’ published stream URLs. Any content provider can opt out of our platform upon request.”

To find out more go check out WorldRelay.TV or download the Tuner app from the Apple App Store.

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