Michel Delpech Mort François Hollande Julien Lepers Michel Polnareff… Les Stars Lui Rendent Hommage

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Almost as stupid as not understanding the shift right via Third Way Democrats and that Reagan’s ideas have caught on far too much.

But congratulations, your ideas have destroyed the entire country in 30 years that took over 200 to create. Good job!
[]I haven’t seen the episode, so I can’t say for sure that it’s a typo (but that seems likely)
Regardless, There’s a certain amount of overlap to the skills though – I started on inlines but was able to pick up quads to the same (low) skill level in pretty much a single session. I hear ice skates handle about like inlines, so anyone who (roller) skates either kind could likely pick them up quickly too.
[]Thank you!
[]Oh yes. About as much as soda. But more vitamins than soda of course.
tegretol, which people get high on

fuck, I had those when I was a kid and young teenager for my small problem epilepsy. never thought that would get us high.
[]Her method of providing a treatment for the sick and infirm was to wait for them to die and not provide treatment.
[]Still not convinced
[]They might, but not without NICS.
[]Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. It just didn’t work for me. They really should’ve given it to someone like Michael J. Fox.
[]The Job Interview
[]So dumb I didn’t get it the first time I read it, haha.
[]203 is the place to be

it doesn’t make me any more likely to go to a 7/11
[]This is amazing!!!
[]thats larry david not me
[]Have any of you guys amassed a good amount of spider silk to actually make a decently thick rope out of it? If so, how well did it compare in elasticity and strength compared to ropes like bungee ropes?
[]Eh, the counter-point is that when this topic comes up it doesn’t take a lot to be labeled one extreme or the other.

I’ve been labeled as an enabler in such discussions because I think incarceration creates repeat offenders, especially where sex crimes are concerned, and thus that people like pedophiles need to be treated with a therapeutic mindset.

I’ve also been insulted for suggesting that even cartoon depictions of child porn should be treated the same as child porn involving real children — I think both reinforce that that these are ‘good’ desires in the minds of pedophiles.

People move to the extremes on this and I’m not sure it helps.
[]Nope, their rhetoric is about “punitive” measures for leaving. Of course it has to be because once everyone starts jumping ship it’s going to be chaos.
[]Well they have padded warehouse for all age parkour.
[]I have a shirt that reads “Keep Calm, and Eat Pink Taco”. I asked my mother to buy it for me when she was in Las Vegas for a friends wedding, and she kept asking me what that meant. I just told her it was a normal taco that has a pink taco shell. She later found out, and wanted me to get rid of it. I obviously chose to keep it since it’s a hit to every party or social gathering I go to.
[]I work at a airport and prepare inbound arriving passengers for customs clearance/immigration. There are only two lanes available, one for nationals/citizens/anyone who holds a passport for my country (which is not the USA), while the other is for ALL foreign passport holders. An American approaches me asking which lane is for who. I tell him. He proceeds to ask “So…where do American passports go?”
[]Enjoy Tommy Körberg one-upping Celine Dion.
[]Some how NYC is cleaner than the bay, but there are way more asians recycling in the bay than here. Less people shit does it i think.
[]The rate of teenage pregnancy, and overall birth rate would go down. Which in an age of overpopulation it would be a good thing.



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