Intellectual disable children showed improvement after using rTMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation helmet

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No medicine no side effects and 100% safe. FDA approved technology now first time in India also available at AIIMS hospital New Delhi and with us at green park New Delhi. We are leading manufacturer of rTMS helmet and PEMF devices based on NASA research in India with international standards. READ MORE ABOUT THIS TECHNOLOGY ON GOOGLE . More than 10000 research papers about this technology are available world wide. NASA has done 4 years research on this technology.
We have sucessesfully treated 3000 cases in different faclties like depresion where anti depressants medicine failed ,cerebral palsy( some children joined normal school after our treatment though they were late on school ) , Autism, ADHD ,ADD,down syndrome, OCD ,Alziemer, Parkinson, brain atrophy ,cerebral degeneration ,motor neuron diseases, multiple Sclorosis, stroke paralysis , spine injuries after accident , ataxia ,schizophrenia. and many more with excellent results. This device can be used in home without help of any doctor. Can be used for for all neurological. It is non invasive treatment and 100% safe to use in home


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